Student Counsellors

As a stu­dent coun­sel­lor, you may be required to com­plete a num­ber of hours of your own per­son­al ther­a­py as part of your qual­i­fi­ca­tion.

Or, per­haps your train­ing has thrown up some issues for you that you would like to explore fur­ther.

I offer time-lim­it­ed or open-end­ed coun­selling and can work with you for some or all of your hours, depend­ing on what works best for you.

I am a Human­is­tic Inte­gra­tive Coun­sel­lor, and cen­tre my work around the ther­a­peu­tic rela­tion­ship between coun­sel­lor and client. My phi­los­o­phy is built around Rogers’ core con­di­tions of emapthy, con­gru­ence and uncon­di­tion­al pos­i­tive regard.

I would be very hap­py to meet with you for a free 30-minute ses­sion so that you can find out more about me and whether I am the right coun­sel­lor for you. This also gives me a chance to make sure I have the right skills and expe­ri­ence to sup­port you.