What is counselling?

Counselling provides a confidential space for you to talk about your thoughts and feelings. You should be able to do this without being judged and without expectations placed upon you.

Rather than give advice or tell you what’s right or wrong, I will help you to make sense of whatever is troubling you. I do this through careful listening, and by trying to understand your view of the world, as you see it.

How does counselling help?

Counselling can help in a variety of ways, depending on what you need. It may be having the opportunity to talk to someone who will really listen. It may help you to make sense of things that previously felt really complex or overwhelming. It can help you to understand more about yourself and your relationships with other people. Or, it can help give you clarity to make changes in your life that feel right for you.

Counselling isn’t always easy, as it can involve talking about areas of life that are painful or difficult. It might also challenge you to look at things in a different way — if that’s what you want. However, what you talk about will always be led by you and at your pace.

How will I know if counselling is right for me?

First and foremost, I believe you need to feel that your counsellor is someone you want to talk to and will feel comfortable working with. I offer a free 30-minute session, so that you can get to know me and get a feel for how counselling works. It is also an opportunity for me to make sure that I have the right skills and experience to support you.

Counselling isn’t always right for everybody, and sometimes it might just not be the right time. If you are uncertain about whether counselling is right for you, we can explore this as part of the introductory session.